10 Home Organizing Before and Afters That Are Beyond Satisfying to Look At

10 Home Organizing Before and Afters That Are Beyond Satisfying to Look At

The only thing more satisfying than an ultra-tidy closet, pantry or laundry room is seeing what it looked like before it was super organized. And since ’tis the season for spring cleaning, organization transformations are also the perfect motivation to tidy up our own spaces. Read on for thirty dramatic before and after organization shots.

Before: Empty Wall
In a tiny bedroom with a tiny closet, clutter tends to accumulate very quickly. Bulky dressers were used to keep clothing hidden and to provide a surface for other items, like makeup, lamps, and accessories.

After: Floating Shelf Storage
In order to keep those surfaces clean—and to free up that precious floor space—IKEA designers decided to take advantage of the walls by installing floating shelves. With bins on the shelves to keep knick knacks hidden, there was more space on the ground for useable furniture instead of another clunky dresser. And a well-organized shelf is better than staring at a blank wall.

Before: Shelves With Loose Papers
Having built-in shelves and cabinets is a blessing. There’s so much more storage space to work with, whether you need it for essentials or as a way to display decor. The loose papers and random artwork in this sitting area aren’t helping the bookshelves live up to their full potential.

After: Formal Home Library
Wow. Now this is how you decorate open shelves. Covered in a fresh coat of paint to blend in with the surrounding walls, the whole room feels more open and spacious. Interior designer Shaun Smith put some antique books on display and also created visual intrigue by hanging artwork over the wall between the shelves.

Before: Empty Garage
Spaces like garages, basements, and attics hold so much potential. Seriously, having that much extra room for storage is going to come in handy. But since they’re also not always high-traffic parts of the home (especially for guests), they can easily become rundown and messy.

After: Bright and Well-Organized Garage
Now here’s a garage that knows how to clean up nicely. Interior designer Annie Selke worked with Gladiator Garage to add work stations, wall storage, shelves, and lockers.

Before: A Gross Garage Unit
Because of brutal Michigan winters, this blogger used her garage shelves as a catchall so she didn’t have to spend more time in the cold than necessary. As a result, it became piled with odds and

After: A Pretty Solution
Decorative baskets, galvanized buckets that match her nearby trash cans, and spray-painted containers created a cohesive vibe that wasn’t too formal (or precious) for this working space.

Before: Perfectly Nice Living Room
Nothing about this living room screams disorganized, but should the homeowners accumulate more items throughout the years, there isn’t really anywhere here to store them.

After: Living Room With Clever Furniture
Interior designer Erik Kirk swapped out the old coffee table with one that includes a bottom shelf for more space to display decor and store collected items. Then, he added two shelving units against the back wall, which makes the room feel more complete while also giving them a place to stack all their books and keepsakes.

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