5 Most Effective Exercises to Lose Love Handles Very Fast

It’s undeniable that nobody likes love handles, it is so unwanted. But still, a lot of people have them and would love to get rid of it. So, how do we get rid of love handles?

The exercises in the post are some of the most effective workout routines to target and burn off those stubborn love handles.

Doing these exercise routines consistently, eating clean, and doing some added cardio workout up to three times every week, will soon get your body to start transforming and those annoying love handles will be gone.

To Do: Do 15 reps of each exercise routine (15 on each side or leg).

Complete the number of sets recommended for your fitness level.

Do the exercise routines stated here up to 3 times every week, do this on non-consecutive days for best results.

Beginner Workout: Do 2 Sets.
Intermediate to Advanced Workout: Do 5 Sets.

1. Russian Twist
2. Bicycle
3. Mountain Climbers
4. Foot to Foot Crunch
5. Side Plank Hip Dip

1. Russian Twists

3. Mountain Climbers


5. Side Plank Hip Dip

Let us know what you feel about these exercises when you have gotten started, if you also have any questions, please drop them in the comment section and we would reply to you as soon as possible.

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