How to Make a Crystal Egg Geode

If you have kids, chances are at some point they’ve collected pockets full of small rock treasures that sometimes wind up in the washing machine.

As adults we don’t always understand why that tiny grey rock is so special.

But when it comes to sparkling geodes, everyone seems to agree. Geodes are amazing to look at.

You and your child can learn about how geodes form by making your own crystal egg geodes, a favorite when it comes to STEM activities because of the beautiful results.

Egg science is always fun in the springtime. We had fun learning how to make a rubber egg. (It even glows!)

But this crystal science activity is perfect any time of the year.

Crystal Egg Geodes
Materials Needed:

3-4 Raw Eggs
Craft Glue
Epsom Salt
Food Coloring
Small Containers
Small Paint Brush
Small Pot and Stove
Small Screw Driver (optional)
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