Light sweets can be served in light snacks or candles

Light sweets can be served in light snacks or candles. Look at the instructions for the garden and cook the funny bowls on the branches!
Leichte Süßigkeiten können in leichten Snacks oder Kerzen serviert werden. Sehen Sie sich die Anweisungen für den Garten an und kochen Sie die lustigen Schüsseln auf den Ästen!

Take advantage of the trunks left behind the shrubs for crafting light bowls. For example, you can have candies or candles in the beakers. Use the tray to make a hanging decoration.
TEXT Ulla VestolaKUVAT Martti Leppä
branches or straw
hot glue gun
bowls, wads and trays for molds.
This is how you craft the branches from the bowl



2. Start by placing a few sticks on the bottom of the bowl crosswise. It is advisable to choose thick sticks for the bottom. Gradually add sticks to the entire bottom area and even to the edges. When sticks to the edges are no longer in place, it is time to glue.

3. Begin bonding on the base. Squeeze a plump drop of glue onto the two lowest sticks and press the attachment stick onto the glue points. Attach each stick from at least two points. Be careful not to touch the hot glue. When the stick is glued, the hot glue stick can be broken by rotating it around itself. Finally, the remaining thin adhesive strap may be plucked off by tweezers, for example. Proceed from the middle to the edges. When the sticks are on two floors, you can already look at the construction of the bowl.

OksaKulho by Ulla Vestola

5. Using the tray as a mold, you can also make the branches with a flat ornamental window or table.

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